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Air Compressor Accessories

Air Compressor Accessories & Air Compressor Parts


Capacities: 20 to 21,250 scfm
Pressures: up to 900 psig

On average, ambient air contains about 190 million particles of dirt, hydrocarbons, viruses and bacteria per cubic foot. The majority of these contaminants enter the compressor and may still be present in the resulting compressed air. If the air is not properly cleaned, these contaminants can damage pneumatic machinery and air tools, or even wind up in the end product.

Kaeser offers a complete line of filters including: filtered separators, particulate filters, oil removal filters, extra fine oil removal filters and vapor adsorbers.

Important features and advantages:
- Multi-layer, matrix-blended fiber media ensures reliable and efficient particle retention
- Efficient operation even underflow use conditions (down to 5% of rated flow capacity)
- Filter element seals to housing
- Durable, anti-corrosive housing with epoxy powder coating inside and out
- Element supported by oil and acid resistant stainless steel orifice tubes
- Available options include internal and external drain traps, differential pressure slide indicator, and analog differential pressure gauge
- Optional microprocessor-controlled filter monitor with differential pressure gauge also available

Air Compressor Parts

Air Compressor Accessories

Condensate Drains

Model: Eco-Drain
Compressor Capacities: up to 5400 scfm

Kaeser's Eco-Drain Series of electronic condensate drain traps efficiently eliminate moisture from the compressed air system. They are ideally suited for equipment such as dryers and filters. The capacitance sensor technology ensures that only condensate is released - not valuable compressed air.

Important features and advantages:
- Reliable condensate removal in a variety of industrial and commercial environments
- Wear-free, capacitance level sensor
- Electronically controlled diaphragm valve releases condensate not compressed air
- Patented valve technology protects internal components from contamination even in harsh environments
- Simple installation and maintenance

Air Compressor Condensate Drains

Condensate Management

Model: Aquamat
Oil/water separator for compressor condensate
Compressor capacities: 10 to 3180 cfm

Condensate is a by-product of all compressors. This oil/water mixture also contains particulates and hydrocarbons, and is concentrated during the compression process. Federal and local regulations prohibit discharging this contaminated water into surface drains and municipal water systems. Special handling and disposing of condensate in large volumes can be quite expensive.

The Aquamat system removes the oil and contaminants from the water, reducing the amount of contaminated condensate, and significantly saving on the disposal costs.

Important features and advantages:
- Saves about 90% of disposal costs
- Pays for itself in a short period of time
- Includes test kit to simplify water quality testing
- Level sensor indicates filter contamination level allowing planned filter changes
- Quick and easy filter changes
- Multiple condensate inlet lines for up to four compressors (Models Aquamat 2 and up)

Air Compressor Condensate Management

Condensate Filtration

Models: KCF 20 and KCF 100
Capacities: up to 500 scfm

The Kaeser Condensate Filter (KCF) is a convenient and economical way to handle contaminated compressor condensate in most small to midsize systems. The easily-removable cartridge separates the oil from the water. The water can be discharged into any municipal drain. After 4-6 months of use, the cartridge is then sent for proper disposal in the disposal bag provided.

Important features and advantages:
- Compatible with most standard lubricants
- Simple, reliable operation
- Quick and easy filter cartridge changeout
- No electricity required for operation
- Multiple units connect together to handle larger systems
- Multiple lines can be connected via optional manifold
- Disposal bag provided with each cartridge

Air Compressor Condensate Filtration

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